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The Core Set

The Core Set

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Non-stick, Set of 3

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Non-stick, Set of 3

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Looking for a great beginner set? Try Cusina Maya's "Core" set. Includes our Non-Stick Set of 2 pans PLUS the Comal.

The traditional comal is a round, flat griddle found in Latin and Central America. Our non-stick fry pans are perfect for your every cooking need! Here is why you will love ours...

Non-stick Comal: Perfect for: frying, warming, use as griddle

Non-stick equals healthy meals -use less oil / butter in preparing
Round, 11.75 inch in diameter
NSF-certified aluminum built clad in a non-stick Teflon finish
Lightweight yet durable
Easy clean up, dishwasher safe
Suitable for all gas or electric cooktops
Durable NSF-aluminum built
Heats up 16x faster than stainless steel
Suitable for all non-induction cooktops

Dishwasher safe.

Includes set of 3 pans, 7-inch & 8.5" diameter and the comal, 11.75"

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